2022: the year in review | Local | will it snow in florida

SPOONER β€” The year 2022 has come to an end, and the Advocate is providing a recap of some of the front-page news of the past 12 months.

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The Northwood Evergreens girls basketball team and their fans exploded into a massive celebration following a 61-34 WIAA Division 5 Regional Championship victory in Minong over the Siren Dragons.

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A group of 80 Spooner business owners, residents and students walked down Walnut Street to film a video for visitors telling everyone that, despite the major Highway 63/River Street construction project going on all summer and fall 2022, β€œSpooner is open, and you are always welcome.” Destinations Bound and Due North Digital filmed the event.

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The 68th Spooner Heart of the North Rodeo will go down as the most successful ever since 1954.

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T & C Days

The winning costumes at the Shell Lake Town & Country Days Kiddie Parade Sept. 4 belonged to Jenny Linton as Lt. Dan, as β€œForrest Gump” was brought to life for Labor Day weekend. Congratulations to Morley (Jenny), Beckett (Lt. Dan) and Chaning (Forrest) Linton.


kAmp 4@FCE 42D6 πŸ˜• (2D93FC? r@F?EJ H2D C6D@=G65 @? %9FCD52J[ yF=J ag[ H96? #FD< r@F?EJ r:C4F:E yF586 $E6G6? p?56CD@? >256 9:D 7:?2= 7:?5:?8D 2?5 @C56C πŸ˜• 2? @?8@:?8 :?;F?4E:@? 42D6 282:?DE q6C?2C5 $6:5=:?8] (2D93FC? r@F?EJ DF65 $6:5=:?8[ @7 w2JH2C5 2?5 u=@C:52[ 7@C G:@=2E:?8 2 a_`g :?;F?4E:@? AC@9:3:E:?8 9:> 7C@> 6?828:?8 πŸ˜• C62= 6DE2E6 EC2?D24E:@?D H:E9@FE 7:CDE 7:=:?8 46CE2:? =682= 5@4F>6?ED] p44@C5:?8 E@ (2D93FC? r@F?EJ r@CA@C2E:@? r@F?D6= %@> uC@DE[ $6:5=:?8 4C62E65 ECFDED H9:49 3@F89E C62= 6DE2E6 2C@F?5 E96 2C62 2?5 D@=5 :?E6C6DED πŸ˜• E96 ECFDED E@ 3FJ6CD H9@ 2DDF>65 E96J H6C6 AFC492D:?8 =2?5]k^Am

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kAm$A@@?6C |6>@C:2= {:3C2CJ s:C64E@C p?8:6 q@5K:D=2H H2D ?2>65 a_aa (:D4@?D:? {:3C2CJ pDD@4:2E:@? W({pX^s6>4@ {:3C2C:2? @7 E96 *62C[ 2?5 :E H2D @3G:@FD 9@H >F49 96C H@C< 92D 96=A65 E96 4@>>F?:EJ 3J E96 =2C86 EFC?@FE 2E 2 46=63C2E:@? 7@C 96C %9FCD52J[ s64] `[ 2E E96 =:3C2CJ]k^Am

kAm%96 $96== {2<6 p:CA@CE |2?286>6?E r@>>:EE66 >6E @? %9FCD52J[ s64] g[ E@ =:DE6? E@ 2 AC6D6?E2E:@? 7C@> p:CA@CE w2?82C hf[ 2 H655:?8 2?5 6G6?E G6?F6 =@@<:?8 E@ 6IA2?5 E96:C 3FD:?6DD >@56= E@ E96 $96== {2<6 p:CA@CE]k^Am

kAm%9@D6 H:D9:?8 7@C 2 H9:E6 r9C:DE>2D H:== 567:?:E6=J 92G6 :E] w@H6G6C[ =2DE H66<’D D?@HDE@C> 3C@F89E >@C6 E92? ;FDE E96 9@=:52J 2>3:6?46] xE 3C@F89E A@H6C @FE286D[ EC277:4 244:56?ED[ 5@H?65 EC66D 2?5 A@H6C=:?6D[ 52?86C E@ AF3=:4 D276EJ 2?5 42?46=65 6G6?ED]k^Am

kAm%96 9@=:52J D62D@? @7E6? 3C:?8D 2 766=:?8 @7 H2C>E9[ 6G6? 5FC:?8 E96 4@=56DE 52JD] sFC:?8 2 C646?E=J 4@>A=6E65 D:IH66< AC@8C2> 2E ‘6?EFC6D &?=:>:E65 πŸ˜• $96== {2<6[ E92E H2C>E9 H2D G6CJ 6G:56?E 2D }@CE9H@@5D %649?:42= r@==686 DEF56?ED 2?5 5:D23=65 4@>>F?:EJ >6>36CD 7@C>65 2 DEC@?8 3@?5]k^Am

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