2022 Weather In Review | will it snow in florida

NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA, (WCJB) – It all started in January. Warm temperatures in the 80s to ring in the new year but then by the end of the month, a cold snap left many of us with temperatures well below average for several days.

      Moderate temperatures and above-average rainfall were the themes for the first quarter of the year with Gainesville receiving over a foot of rain in March. That’s over 9″ above average.

      Severe weather season showed up early for NCFL with an early morning EF-1 tornado touching down in the highly populated area of SR-200 in Ocala on March 12th. Winds were over 110mph, and the twister caused over $15 million dollars in damage. Luckily no injuries were reported on its 25-mile path lasting nearly 30 minutes.

      A sweltering heat wave brought temperatures within a degree or two of 100° for several days in June and sent some people to the hospital with heat-related illness. Feels like temperatures soared past 115°.

      The 2022 hurricane season was off to an extremely slow start but made up for lost time when Hurricane Ian made a run at Florida. Its intensity was off the charts with peak winds at its strongest reaching 150 mph. NCFL was spared the worst, but effects were still felt here even though landfall was over 200 miles away. Sanibel Island in SW Florida received the brunt of the storm, severely damaging ever building on the tiny island.

      Tropical Storm Nicole was a weaker storm a month later but brought several impacts including gusty winds and heavy rain. When all was said and done NCFL, once again, managed to escape the worst and only saw a few isolated trees come down across the area.

      And then, just in time for the holidays, a brief, but near record-breaking, shot of cold air plunged NCFL into a frozen tundra the same way 2022 started.

      Wind chills in the teens and air temperatures well below freezing.

      2023 looks to start off very mild, but with the heart of the winter season ahead of us the opportunity for another round of freezing weather is likely. Who knows, maybe even a snow flurry or 2.

      As always, keep track of NCFL’s changing weather on air, online, and on our WCJB TV20 weather app.

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