4 of the Worst 5 Airports In America are in Florida | will it snow in florida

Four of the airports on this list totally deserve to be there. If you’ve ever flown through Miami or Orlando, you know what a hassle it can be. But Tampa has the best airport of any city I’ve lived in. So take this list seriously if you want to. I can’t.

Family Destinations Guide “vacation experts” say they ran the numbers and this is what they came up with. They say they took statistics from the Bureau of Transportation for 2022 and specifically looked at the number of delays. They found four of the worst five aiports in America are right here in Florida. The only non-Florida aiport in the top 5 was Newark Liberty International in New Jersey – which TOTALLY belongs at the top of this list.

According to their data, only 70.5% of the flights out of Tampa International Airport left on time in 2022. 3.63% were just plain canceled. I personally have never had either of those happen to me in the dozens of flights I’ve had from TPA. I will say I’ve been annoyed at how many times the gate crew isn’t ready when a flight arrives. It’s frustrating when after a long day of travel, you have to wait for the plane to get the ok to pull up to the arrival gate. It happens far too often at Tampa International. [Source: Family Destinations Guide]

Here’s their worst 10 airports list:
1. Orlando International Airport
2. Newark Liberty International Airport
3. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
4. Tampa International Airport
5. Miami International Airport
6. Harry Reid International Airport (Las Vegas)
7. Chicago Midway International Airport
8. JFK International Airport (New York)
9. Boston Logan International Airport
10. Baltimore/Washington International Airport

7 Great Airfare Deals from Tampa for 2023 Travel

This time of year, the airlines tend to drop their prices now that the busy holiday travel season is over. You can find some good deals right now for flights out of Tampa… especially if you pack light. The business model for airlines has changed over the years. They lure you in with those super low airfares and then upcharge things like snacks, WiFi or carry on baggage.

Here are some of the best ROUNDTRIP flight deals I found this morning (January 10, 2023) for one week getaways over the next several months.

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