$50,000 calculator: Apple buys Mac Pro for $970

Apple hardware is usually very stable in price and can still be sold for good money even after years of use. Even the manufacturer itself accepts old devices in payment in order to resell them as refurbished models or cannibalize them as spare parts stores. However, one shows that this is not always worthwhile for customers current report by Twitter user David Imel. According to his own statements, he recently wanted to trade in several copies of the Mac Pro from Apple for his company.

New price per piece: proud 52,199 US dollars (approx. 48,190 euros)! In fact, Apple’s Pro models are among the most expensive compact computers on the market. So it’s no wonder that Imel expected a hefty windfall. But the reality was different. The Twitter user submitted a trade-in request via an online form on Apple’s official website. The sad result: Apple gives him a measly 970 US dollars (about 895 euros) per computer. That corresponds to a loss in value of over 98 percent!

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Not even enough for an iPhone 14 Pro

As Imel rightly notes, the money promised by Apple in the US is not even enough to buy an iPhone 14 Pro. A heavy setback for all Apple users who were actually willing to invest a moderate fortune in a professional computer from the manufacturer. The claim made by the Twitter user cannot be checked directly, since the serial number must be entered for a trade-in. However, Apple states on its German website that the maximum credit for a Mac Pro is 1,190 euros. So there really isn’t much to get here.

Apple’s handling of the hardware purchase is difficult to understand on this point. With other devices, the willingness to pay is not so stingy. For an iPhone 13 Pro, for example, Apple shells out up to 575 euros. This is also a severe loss in value, but still much less drastic than in the previous example. In any case, the private sale of a used Mac Pro should be more worthwhile than the trade-in with Apple.

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