A Look Back at St. Cloud Weather for 2022 | will it snow in florida

ST. CLOUD (WJON News) — The National Weather Service has released its 2022 Climate Summary for St. Cloud.

They say we had an average temperature of 42.6 degrees for the year.  The normal average temperature for us is 42.9 degrees.  So, pretty much spot on.

While some parts of our state dealt with another drought this year, St. Cloud did okay for precipitation.  We had 32.43 inches of precipitation, which is slightly above the average of 28.49 inches.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

Our hottest day of the year in 2022 was June 20th when it got up to 101 degrees in St. Cloud.  Our coldest night was 28 degrees below zero on January 7th.

We had seven days at 90 degrees or higher in 2022, a little below the 8.8-day average.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

We dipped below zero 53 days last year.  We average 35.7 days in the negative digits.

And, the number of days that we recorded at least a trace of snow was 48 days, above the average of 36 days.

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