After flight cancellation in Florida, strangers trek to Cleveland together in rental car | will it snow in florida

CLEVELAND, Ohio — They dashed through the snow and laughed all the way, from Florida to Ohio.

After their flight to Cleveland was canceled Thursday, four strangers, stuck in a Tampa airport, feared that their holiday plans might be ruined.

But in the spirt of the season, they united, renting a car and making the treacherous journey together across five states to Ohio. By the end of the voyage, they’d become friends.

They documented their 17-hour odyssey on TikTok, which picked up millions of views.

WTSP Channel 10 in Tampa reported the quartet’s adventure.

A winter storm rocked the country this week, causing thousands of flight cancellations and threatening holiday plans.

But the Florida travelers were able to make it home by Christmas.

“Once we started to get to West Virginia and Ohio, the snow started to get pretty bad,” Bridget Schuster, who posted the TikTok updates, told WTSP.

“It was a group effort to get home for the holidays and it makes Christmas even more special,” she said.

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