Barack Obama call hopes to boost Florida Dems in final stretch of midterms

Barack Obama

The voice of former President Barack Obama will reach the phones of millions of Floridians this week to promote the Florida Democratic Party ahead of midterms.

The pre-recorded call comes as Floridians head to the polls for the first weekend of early voting. In the call, Obama relays to voters of the importance of this year’s election, urging Floridians to support Democrats up and down the ballot.

“Hello Florida. This is President Barack Obama calling on behalf of the Florida Democratic Party to remind you to vote in this election,” he states in the call. “Voting has already begun, so make a plan to vote early or return your vote by mail ballot as soon as possible.”

Obama hits on some of the key Democratic platforms for midterms, including abortion rights — an issue Democrats have honed in on since the overturn of Roe v. Wade in June.

“Don’t sit this one out, because everything we care about is on the ballot: Voting rights; a woman’s right to choose; building an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the very top; safety and economic well-being of our families,” he says. “That’s why we need Florida Democrats leading the way and it starts with you. So remind your friends and family to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot.”

The robocall is part of a final push from Democrats to improve turnout with encouragement from Obama, who is in high demand in the closing stretch of this election.

Obama has recorded nearly two dozen television commercials for Democrats and the party’s campaign committees.

The message comes as the number of registered Republicans who have cast a ballot in the Sunshine State now exceeds that of Democrats. On Thursday morning, Republicans overtook Democrats, and the GOP has maintained its lead since.

While Republican voters typically outperform Democrats by the time Election Day wraps, it’s unusual to see that type of turnout 12 days out. That has been especially unusual after former President Donald Trump criticized mail-in voting as susceptible to fraud.

The shift has taken place since in-person early voting became available to most Florida voters. Leading into this week, Democrats still had an edge when all ballots received came through the mail.

But Republican officials continue to encourage voting by any method available legally in Florida.

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