Best viral weather videos of 2022 | will it snow in florida

NEW YORK – There’s no doubt about it; 2022 was a year of extremes in viral weather videos. Some highly talked about events, from earthquakes to lightning strikes, were captured on camera and took the world by storm this year. 

FOX Weather has compiled seven videos that captured the interest of our readers that are worth reviewing again.

1. Jet’s tail strikes London runway during ferocious windstorm

Passengers and crew on a British Airways flight to London from Scotland on Feb. 21 had quite the adventure as the plane’s tail struck the runway while trying to land during strong winds.

The flight had left Aberdeen and attempted to land at Heathrow Airport as Storm Corrie brought howling winds to the UK.

The video below shows the Airbus 321 wobble and leaning to one side over the runway, then the tail dips and strikes the pavement before the pilot aborts the landing and regains altitude. Click here to read more.

2. Texas wind turbine disintegrates after lightning strike

A devastating lightning strike topped a turbine at a North Texas wind farm on July 22. Videos from witnesses and firefighters showed the wind turbine generator ablaze and disintegrate in the sky over Crowell, Texas.

Doppler radar indicated there were plenty of lightning strikes around the Foard City wind facility before firefighters received the call about the high-altitude fire. Click here to read more.

3. ‘Mystery’ critter washes up in Florida yard during Ian

This video definitely had some viewers debating about a creature that ended up in Chris White’s yard in Melbourne, Florida, during Hurricane Ian.

“It jumped on my foot!” a kid is heard saying before screaming as the black, slimy creature scurries through the water. 

White said he wasn’t sure what kind of salamander this was at the time, but he wanted to post videos on Facebook just in case it was someone’s pet. Click here to read more.

4. Massive cliff breaks off, tumbles into Lake Powell

A massive cliff broke off and tumbled into Lake Powell on May 30, sending up a towering plume of water and debris.

Steve Carter was boating near the entrance to Warm Creek Bay along the Arizona-Utah border when a large section of the cliff gave way, crashing into the water. 

Watch in the video below as Carter sped away while rock debris and the ensuing wave chased after his boat. Click here to read more

5. Ian’s catastrophic storm surge inundate Fort Myers

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida on Sept. 28 as a Category 4 storm with a catastrophic storm surge. The hurricane brought 150 mph winds and a water level that reached at least 12 feet.

This video from Fort Myers showed the complete devastation that rain and storm surge caused. Click here to read more

6. Arctic polar bear scoots, slides along snowy ice sheets

The majestic polar bear leaps across the water, landing on an ice sheet with a semi-belly flop. That’s one of the sights tourist Emma Postolec caught during an Arctic cruise on Sept. 27.  Her videos showed the polar bear, the largest carnivore species on the planet, acting as playfully as man’s best friend.

At one point, the bear drops its shoulder and chin to the snowy ground and, with its rear haunches in the air, scoots its way forward along the ice sheet. Click here to read more.

7. Train bulldozes through feet of snow in California

If you thought snowplows only came on trucks, think again! Aerial footage below shows a train plowing snow off of railroad tracks in northern California’s Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Nearby Tahoe reported the major winter storm that blanketed Donner Pass on Dec. 10 dumped a total of 70 inches of snowfall within 48 hours over the weekend. Click here to read more

Would you like your weather video featured here in 2023? It’s easy to share your weather photos and videos with us. Email them to or add the hashtag #FOXWeather to your post on your favorite social media platform.

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