Cold, travel, cards … all-in after scaled-back holidays | will it snow in florida

Ormond Beach's floating Christmas trees.

There is one week in the year and one week only when Floridians wish for cold weather and that’s Christmas week. This year we got our wish and then some.

Most years, Christmas candles get melty and curve into parentheses in 80-degree heat. Most years, ugly Christmas sweaters get worn for the camera for only a few minutes and then are stuffed back into the closet. If they’re taken out at all. Most years, cold-weather gear misguidedly given as gifts by clueless out-of-state relatives stays under the tree untouched for days.

Usually, people who feel that weather must be part of the holiday are usually content to lower the air conditioning temperature a few notches. We’ll pretend it’s 68 degrees outside! Brrr.

Christmas forecastSanta will be shivering in his sleigh this weekend

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