December 26 Still Cold But Warming And Record Buffalo Snow | will it snow in florida

December 26 2022

Monday Morning Report

That now infamous Bomb Cyclone brought us the coldest Christmas Eve in 130 years, tying the record low afternoon in Baltimore at 20ºF not seen since 1892.  Since then, we have slowly turned the corner to trend upward. 

A clipper system is bringing snow to the MidWest, but it looks like after hitting western Maryland, it will fall apart.

White Christmas Across The US

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  • Morning: Still Cold Today
  • Mid Week Warming 
  • New Year Weekend: Rain Storm Both Days


Most of the eastern half of the US is still under the influence of this arctic cold. It even brought show showers to central Florida, but the main event has been in Buffalo. As of Christmas afternoon they had 43 inches of new snow.  A fresh band of heavy snow has reached them this morning, which may help bring them to a final total close to 6 Ft.

This storm has already resulted in 13 people dying in Buffalo. Here is a sample of what it has looked like there:

Lake Effect Snow in Buffalo:

Zero Visibility 

What is amazing, is that daily routine goes on, such as this store remaining open with business traffic.


Bills Fans Clearing Cars Christmas Eve

This is the reward they get…





Weather Across The Nation

The clipper I mentioned a few days ago looks impressive on the map, but this is a MidWest thing. It will mostly bring just clouds east of the mountains. 

December 26 wether snow cold Monday morning


Temperatures This Morning

Still freezing all the way to northern Florida this morning. Even Miami is down to 50ºF.

The 20s have reached Houston and Nashville, Charlotte into the teens.  Basically, it is still cold! But we are turning the corner.

December 26 wether temperatures Monday morning

Clipper Snow Simulation 

Showers for western Maryland, but only clouds expected east of the mountains.

December 26 snow forecast Monday

Morning Local Temperatures

Still very cold with teens reported all the way to Ocean City.

December 26 weather temperatures Monday morning


3 PM Temperatures 

Back toner Freezing for Baltimore. Still in the 20s and teens inland.

December 26 temperatures Monday afternoon


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TODAY December 26

Normal Low in Baltimore:  28ºF

Record 2ºF in 1983

SNOW: 4.4” 1933

Normal High in Baltimore: 45ºF

Record 73ºF 1964



Not as cold as it has been. These numbers in the morning will be warmer than it was during the afternoons over the weekend for most of us.

December 26 temperatures Tuesday morning



December 26 temperatures Tuesday afternoon


Next Storm: New Year Weekend

Friday Morning To Sunday Afternoon

A moderate rain event is expected Saturday into Sunday. This may push temps into the mid to upper 50s on Sunday

December 26 rain storm New Year Weekend

Extended Look: Jet Stream

This longer loop extends to January 8. We can see the start with cold (blue) in the eastern US, then warming with our next storm, which may last through the first week of January. 

The next suggestion of colder air and a storm will show up by January 8 into the middle of the month.

December 26 weather jet stream New Year

My thoughts: 

A large variation of record cold to warmth, shows a highly amplified and energized jet stream. There is more to be shown and winter is just getting started. Like last year, I believe it will get very active here in January and February. Faith in the Flakes. 

7 Day Forecast

Warming up with the storm next weekend. 

December 26 weather forecast 7 day Monday New Year



What is Faith in the Flakes?

It began with my son in 2009

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