Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Makes Alarming Request for Info on Trans College Students | will it snow in florida

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has requested information on transgender college students from 12 state universities. Officials in the far-right Republican’s office asked for data on the number of students who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria or who have received treatment in university clinics state-wide, according to a survey the universities reportedly must complete by Feb. 10. School presidents within the Florida College System, which comprises 28 community and state colleges, released a joint statement Thursday aligning with DeSantis and denouncing “woke” diversity. DeSantis has focused on education as a key issue, passing laws that severely strict what can be taught in universities and slamming diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The governor has focused on promoting his anti-LGBTQ agenda in the classroom as well, with the infamous “Don’t Say Gay” law and his promotion of far-right school board members. Although it hasn’t been publicized what the DeSantis administration intend to do with the information on trans students, the move brings concerns that he will attempt to defund or scale back health services offered to trans students and faculty.

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