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BREVARD COUNTY — The Florida Institute of Technology’s Bisk College of Business will host its 24th Annual High School Business Ethics Competition on Dec. 2.

The competition will feature students from Astronaut, Rockledge, Melbourne Central Catholic and Viera High Schools, said Tom Stauffacher, director of industry education programs from the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech.

“In my management class, I talk about ethical decision making and there’s a format that they can look at for every one of these things to come up with a solution or the ethical or unethical decision and it’s a thing I teach in my class, those factors that determine whether or not they do something right or wrong,” Ms. Stauffacher said.

As part of the competition, teams are given an hour to form an ethical solution to a situation that participants don’t know about it until their preparation time starts at the event, according to a release from the schools.

“What they’ll do for that hour, they will put together some sort of presentation with Power Points and everything,” Ms. Stauffacher said.

From there, judges will come together to discuss each presentation and determine the results, per the information sheet.

“The judges are very good,” Ms. Stauffacher said. “The judges are fair. They come in here with an open mind to listen to what they (the students) have to say.”

The competition will award anywhere from $144,000 to $192,000, depending upon whether the size of the team is comprised of three or four students, in merit scholarships and cash to top teams, the school says. Further, those who participate are guaranteed a minimum scholarship of at least $12,000, which can be renewed for three years should they choose to study at Florida Tech.

Per a competition information sheet from the school, members of the teams will received a grant to the school that is able to be combined with the minimum Merit Scholarship guarantee if they enroll in the Bisk College of Business. Those on the first place team will a $4000 per year academic grant with second-place members receiving an addition $3,000 per year, third-place members receiving $2,000 per year and fourth-place members receiving $1,000.

Teams can also win cash awards, Mr. Stauffacher noted.

“They (students on the teams) get $500 if they win, $250 for the 2nd and $125 for the 3rd and $100 bucks for the 4th so they win, they earn money for themselves plus that scholarship, they all get the scholarship,” Mr. Stauffacher said.

Additionally, according to the information sheet, the Community Credit Union of Florida will give the winning team’s school a $500 cash award as well.

Mr. Stauffacher also offered praise for the students that participate in the yearly event.

“These kids are good. These are the ones that will be going to West Point,” Mr. Stauffacher added. “These will be the ones going to Harvard and coming here to Florida Tech and doing engineering and technical stuff. These kids are pretty sharp. They’re motivated.”

Those interested in more information about the Bisk College of Business should visit fit.edu/business/.

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