Georgia vs Florida: Ten key rivalry moments | Rivalry

Georgia vs Florida: Ten key rivalry moments | Rivalry

1933: Jacksonville first recognized as game site

This game was the first time the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators both recognized Jacksonville, Florida, as their annual meeting place. The Bulldogs beat the Gators 14-0. Every rivalry game since (with exception of 1994 and 1995) has been in Jacksonville, making it one of the only rivalry games at a neutral site.

1942: Georgia’s largest victory over Florida

Georgia defeated Florida 75-0, the largest margin of victory of any of their matchups. This victory came during WWII when many Florida players were drafted but UGA gave draft deferments to players in ROTC. The Bulldogs went on to win the SEC Championship, the Rose Bowl and national championship.

1964: Dooley’s first game vs Florida

In his first tilt against Florida as the Georgia head coach, Vince Dooley led the Bulldogs to victory over the No. 10 Gators. Georgia had lost eight of its last nine games against Florida. The victory was sealed after the Bulldogs’ holder mishandled the snap and kicker Bob Etter ran it to the end zone.

1966: Georgia takes down future Heisman Trophy winner

Less than a month before Florida’s Steve Spurrier won the Heisman, Georgia claimed a victory over the undefeated Florida. Spurrier threw three interceptions to the Bulldogs, and the Georgia defense played a crucial role in the victory. Spurrier returned to Florida as head coach in 1990.

1975: Richard Appleby to Gene Washington play

The Bulldogs were down by four points in the fourth quarter, but a trick play called by Dooley turned the tide. Tight end Richard Appleby accepted a hand-off, then threw the ball to wide receiver Gene Washington for an 80-yard touchdown. The Gators tried to come back, but the Bulldogs won 10-7.

1980: Lindsay Scott’s 93-yard touchdown

Pressure from the Florida defense pushed Georgia quarterback Buck Belue to his right, but Belue was able to fire a pass to wide receiver Lindsay Scott. Scott caught the ball at the 25-yard line and ran it all the way for a game-winning score. Georgia went on to win a national championship title.

1985: Georgia upsets No. 1 Florida

The 1985 season was the first time the Gators had been ranked No. 1 in history, but the Bulldogs put an end to that momentum. Freshman running backs Keith Henderson and Tim Worley rushed over 100 yards, leading Georgia to a 24-3 victory. Georgia fans rushed the field and stole the goal posts after the game.

2007: ‘Gator Stomp’ Celebration

The entire Georgia team took to Florida’s end zone after the first quarter to celebrate the first touchdown of the game by Knowshon Moreno. Georgia head coach Mark Richt encouraged an excessive celebration, but did not anticipate the entire team flooding to the “Gator Stomp.” The Bulldogs received two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, but won the game 42-30.

2012: Georgia upsets No. 2 Florida

No. 10 Georgia secured a win over the No. 2 Florida after a fumble by Gators tight-end Jordan Reed. Georgia recovered the ball in the end zone, resulting in a touchback. The turnover — one of six that Florida committed in the game –– helped to cinch a Bulldog win, leaving Florida and Georgia tied in the SEC East.

2017: Kirby’s first win against the Florida Gators

After joining the Bulldogs in 2015, head coach Kirby Smart secured his first win against Florida in 2017. The No. 3 Bulldogs defeated the Gators by a wide margin, winning 42-7. 

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