Get your Dark Matter Gaming Monitor now at a top price – for only 130 euros on Ebay!

If you don’t have the money and space for a large 4K monitor, a 24-inch Full HD screen could be a cheap and space-saving alternative. You can get a 24-inch dark-matter gaming monitor from Monoprice on Ebay now for only 130 euros. According to the price comparison portal Idealo, this is compared to the online competition at least 24 euros cheaper and thus the currently cheapest total price on the net.

24 inch dark matter gaming monitor on sale

  • Refresh rate of 144 hertz
  • Full HD with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels
  • only 130 euros – at least 24 euros cheaper than the competition

Dark Matter Gaming Monitor on Ebay

The Dark Matter from Monoprice comes with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. According to the manufacturer, the refresh rate of 144 Hz ensures pleasantly smooth gameplay. In addition to an HDMI 2.0, an HDMI 1.4, and a DisplayPort 1.2 video input, the Dark Matter has a USB Type-C video input. You also have the option of mounting the monitor on a wall or table mount without a stand.

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