Gstaad Skewered for Using Helicopters to Dump Snow Amid Warm Winter | will it snow in florida

The elite Swiss ski resort Gstaad has been called hypocritical after the so-called sustainable resort called on a helicopter to shoot snow onto its slopes with cannons amid a warm winter in Central Europe. Making matters worse, Gstaad announced the plot was a complete failure, and the resort is now attempting new techniques to remain open amid daily temperatures in the 60s. “This emergency measure was ecologically insensitive,” Destination Gstaat, the valley’s tourist office, conceded in a statement to The Telegraph. Gstaad supposedly prides itself on sustainability, with solar paneling on resort restaurants, central heating fueled by wood from nearby forests, and clothes washed locally using hydropower. If snow cannot be returned to the slopes sustainably, the resort says it will have to close—just as many others throughout the Alps have been forced to in the past month.

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