Heavy Rain and Mountain Snow Expected Across West Coast This Week; Risks of Flooding and Avalanche Possible | will it snow in florida

According to the latest forecast, portions of the West Coast could expect heavy rain and mountain snow this week. The forecast warned that risks of flooding and avalanche could emerge.

Residents in the Northwest, Westcoast and San Francisco Bay area should observe the weather conditions as rounds of rain could unfold starting Tuesday.

February 13, 2021 in Seattle, Washington

(Photo : by David Ryder/Getty Images)
February 13, 2021 in Seattle, Washington

The last week of November on the West Coast could expect much-needed rain for drought-stricken areas. Residents are advised to bring rain protection and an umbrella and monitor the weather reports due to the stormy weather.

In recent weeks, forecasts raised concerns over a major winter storm that could unload during Christmas and holidays as Americans rushed to travel. A previous report showed that extremely cold weather and a winter storm left widespread power outages, snow and 37 deaths.

Heavy Rain this week

However, West Coast residents could expect a storm packed with moisture bringing heavy rain this week. According to the AccuWeather latest forecast on December 26, 2022, the storm is expected to unload on Tuesday, with risks of flooding and avalanche.

The stormy weather could unleash in portions of San Diego, Seattle, Medford, Boise, Sacramento, and Los Angeles starting Tuesday.

According to forecasts, San Diego residents could expect the much-needed rain and help portions of California suffering from moderate to severe drought.

On the other hand, heavy rain could be helpful and problematic because it could result in flooding. Residents in the affected areas should observe potential flooding.

Starting Tuesday night, wintry weather could be expected. The forecast revealed rain and snow could emerge in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Residents in the Oregon Cascades, Northern Rockies, Washington, and portions of Nevada could expect snow conditions.

On Wednesday, the forecast showed that the rain could persist, causing flooding risks and travel delays. Wednesday’s stormy weather is expected in Fresno, San Francisco, Sacramento, Medford, Seattle and Vancouver. In addition, the forecast said that snow could be expected in higher elevations.

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Motorists traveling to West Coast and areas with heavy rain should consider the weather conditions and monitor the storm’s development.

According to the forecast, road conditions could be challenging for motorists traveling on Interstates (5, 10, 15 and 80). It is best to drive slowly to avoid accidents.

The end week of December would expect wintry conditions on the West Coast as many Americans now prepare for the New Year and the holiday season.

Travel reminders

The weather conditions in the United States are still problematic, although the winter storm has begun to weaken. Road hazards are present, especially in the last week of December, and you could expect more travel and potential travel delays.

Those planning to travel in New Year should book their flights earlier or monitor the weather conditions for the next year. Some portions of the United States could still expect wintry weather conditions, causing travel disruptions and cancellations.

On the other hand, preparing for winter and potential travel delays is important to avoid any inconvenience and hassle of travel plans.

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