Heavy Rainfall and Damaging Tornadoes in South Resulted in Damaged Buildings, Power Outages and Water Rescue | will it snow in florida

The severe weather conditions in the South unloaded flooding rainfall and damaging tornadoes, causing power outages, damaged properties and water rescue.

The first days of January in the South were chaotic as a damaging storm rampaged portions of the South, resulting in five reported injuries.

March 23, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana

(Photo : by Brandon Bell/Getty Images))
March 23, 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana

In portions of the United States, heavy rain and a bomb cyclone could unfold in California.

Meanwhile, severe thunderstorms were expected to unload this week in Florida and Central Virginia.

Heavy snow also occurred in Northern Plains and Upper Midwest, with potential mountain snow and avalanche risks.

The beginning of 2023 is full-blast with severe weather conditions.

According to AccuWeather’s latest weather update, violent tornadoes and strong winds emerged in the Southern parts.

Residents immediately took shelter as tornadoes could be life-threatening, destroying anything along the way.

According to the National Weather Service and AccuWeather’s report, about 16 potential tornadoes emerged as of Monday, January 2.

The tornadoes also hit Louisiana and Mississippi.

In November 2022, both places were also damaged by tornadoes, including in Alabama.

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The report added that the tornadoes stretched o Arkansas, Tennessee and Georgia, striking on Monday.

In Jessieville, Arkansas, 14 homes, including commercial areas and schools, were reportedly damaged.

Because of the strong winds, the report said that power lines and trees were blown away.

Heavy rain and flooding

In Greenville, Kentucky, AccuWeather added that local authorities immediately responded to people stranded in flooding with water rescue.

The severe weather conditions did unload not only tornado outbreaks but also a flooding rainfall.

Heavy rain was recorded in portions of Arkansas, affecting major roads in the area, including State Highway 160, State Highway 138 and State Highway 37 in Jackson County.

As of Tuesday (morning), the weather report explained that flooding also occurred in Northwestern Louisiana and Eastern Texas.

On January 3, the Storm Prediction Center forecasted that tornado watches were issued in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

The advisory said intense tornadoes could emerge with stronger wind gusts up to 70 mph.

In 2022, the report said that the agency had issued 591 severe thunderstorms and tornado watches.

Tornado safety tips

Tornado is a serious and dangerous event that could lead to catastrophic damage to properties, buildings and lives.

The year began with tornadoes in portions of the South, leaving damaged infrastructure and downed trees.

It is important to know how to prepare for tornado outbreaks.

Here are some essential tips you should know.

Know the weather update

Keeping updated with tornado watches and warnings could help you to plan. Nature World News reported the difference between tornado watches and warnings in the previous report.

Prepare your family

Homeowners should have an emergency plan in the event of tornado outbreaks. Finding a safe place inside a house is significant, as keeping away from windows.

Emergency items

As you evacuate to a secure place, cover your head with a blanket, helmet or anything. Bringing your emergency bag is important. It should contain the essential emergency kits.

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