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IRL pollution is causing seagrasses, manatees to die

More manatees die in Brevard County from starvation because of the polluted stormwater runoff and sewer spills. This pollution has killed the seagrasses.

Brevard County, SOIRL, and Titusville have failed to measure and calculate the major sources of pollution in order to determine the most effective actions to reduce the pollution and restore the IRL since 1996. That’s when the SJRWMD published a report stating that the critically poor conditions of the IRL and the loss of marine life comes from the polluted runoff from the land caused by development and the loss of undeveloped land.

The worst pollution and manatee deaths have been in Titusville. There is almost no mixing of water in the IRL north of the NASA Causeway with the water south of the NASA Causeway. The June rainy season creates large amounts of nutrient rich polluted runoff that is held in the north IRL feeding algae blooms that block out the sunlight and causes the seagrasses to die.

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