Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi: Mini PC test

How much desk space does a fast PC need to work? With the Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi, all you have to do is put a book aside and the mini PC can be easily accommodated. What else can the Kiebel do and where is the problem? This clarifies the test by COMPUTER BILD.

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Custom configuration

Mini-PC manufacturers usually rely on “barebones” as the basis for their tiny devices. This is at Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi Immediately visible on the front – the logo of Chieftec, one of the largest PC case manufacturers in the world, is emblazoned there. In addition to the motherboard – on which most of the components are located – Kiebel then packs in memory, a processor and a particularly large fan (see image below). Buyers of the Kiebel can vary the equipment, a Core i5-12400T from the Alder Lake series is always part of it, here in a particularly energy-saving T variant.
Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi

The interior of the Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi is very tidy. The giant fan, which scoops away the waste heat from the Mini-PC particularly quietly, is striking.

Very quick to work

Very good: The Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi is with Office programs very quickly and just barely missed the top mark of 1.0 in the test. The speed of video software is not quite as high, but it was easily enough for a good rating here as well. Gaming isn’t a good idea with the Kiebel because the graphics are in the processor and are already overwhelmed with simpler DirectX 11 games. And there’s no room for an extra graphics card – as with most mini PCs, apart from expensive devices like the Intel NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon.

Lots of storage, little room for more

Also typical for mini PCs, not much fits in. No wonder, the very large fan in the case leaves hardly any space for extensions – these are only possible as replacements: the two built-in 8 gigabyte modules of the working memory can be used up to 64 gigabytes of RAM (2x 32 gigabytes) replace. Larger models (M.2 models with the fast NVMe technology) also fit in the slot of the 500 GB SSD. When configuring the Mini-PC, Kiebel offers models with a volume of up to 2 terabytes for an additional charge. Speaking of extras: Windows 11 or Office are not included with the mini PC, but can be ordered separately.
Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi

The Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi has enough connections. Unfortunately, they are all on the back – impractical if you want to quickly plug in a USB pen.

Whisper-quiet operation

Top: The gigantic fan of the Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi is already in normal operation Hardly audible with 0.2 sone. And even under full load, the Kiebel remains super quiet at 0.3 sone. This is a real advantage for a tiny computer, since such devices are usually on the desk and are therefore particularly close to the users.

Office and web application speed / video, photo and 3D edits

Game speed Full HD / 4K (frames per second, FPS for short)

Tempo of the built-in data storage

Maximum USB speed on mini PC / on external SSD (connector)

RAM (built-in / expandable to maximum)

SSD Storage / Hard Drive Storage

Free Extensions / Power Supply (Performance)

Connections and data connections in front

Connections and data connections at the back

Included programs (without trial versions)


Operating noise (when working / under full load)

Power consumption in normal application operation / maximum / in the annual mix (at 33 cents per kWh)

Quality and operation of the keyboard / keyboard lighting / standard layout / navigation keys standard size / connection

Quality and operation of the mouse / scrolling / additional buttons / connector

Biometric access locks

very high (92.2%) / high (63.9%)

very low (8 FPS) / too low (2 FPS)

297.9 / 272.2 MB per second (USB-A 3.2 Gen. 1)

very much: 16 GB (2x 8 GB) / 64 GB (2x 32 GB)

a lot (466 GB, SSD NVMe, Samsung) / –

2x audio input, 1x audio output, monitor outputs: 1x HDMI, 1x DP (can be used simultaneously), 1x network (1 Gbit), 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen. 1, 2x USB 2.0

Wifi 6 (ax) / Version 4.1

very quiet (0.2 sone) / very quiet (0.3 sone)

31 watts / 109 watts / 111kWh (37.00 euros)

Unfortunately, the connections are at the back

The Chieftech case of the Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi is nice and compact and quite stylish, but it has one real disadvantage: all the sockets are on the back. Only the power button is on the front. If you can live with that, you will get plenty of connections at the Kiebel, for example HDMI and Displayport for up to two monitors, two fast USB-A sockets (USB 3.2 Gen 1) for external SSDs and hard drives as well as two USB 2.0 sockets, for example for a mouse and keyboard – these are not part of the standard scope of delivery, but can be ordered separately. If you can’t find anything at Kiebel, just take a look at the keyboard-mouse combo test.
  • Very high speed with Office programs
  • Very quiet
  • No ports on the front
  • Keyboard and mouse not included

Test conclusion Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12

Of the Kiebel Mini PC Deluxe 12 + WiFi (Test rating: 2.7) is super fast with Office programs and also on the ball with performance-hungry software for photo and video editing. And if you need full power all the time, but don’t want to hear any fan noise, you’ve come to the right place: With 0.3 sone under full load, the mini PC remains super quiet. On the other hand, it is impractical: All connections are on the back.

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