Knox News photojournalist Saul Young shares his best photos of 2022 | will it snow in florida

When looking at the Knox New photographers’ photos of the year, you may see some recurring topics: University of Tennessee athletics, high school sports, graduations, proms, festivals, fires, floods, snow and more generally, but most importantly, the lives of East Tennesseans.

Despite that we often photograph some of the same things every year, each of the Knox News photographers adds distinction to their work that can only be their own. 

Caitie McMekin is kind, sincere, and charming. Those traits put the people in front of her camera at ease and in doing so, she takes some of the most emotionally honest photographs you will ever see.

Saul Young and Carolyn Hank after one year of marriage.

Brianna Paciorka is headstrong and determined. She’s the only person I know who can battle a massive crowd, get hit by a giant piece of metal and still walk away with an iconic photograph of the Tennessee fan celebrating on a collapsing goalpost.

If anyone defines creativity in news photography, it is Calvin Mattheis. His photographs weave that perfect line between news and art. 

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