Last icy night for a while before two rounds of heavy rain | will it snow in florida

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – That sun sure feels great but there could be *one* last night of re-freezing ahead.

We’re venturing to the middle 50s through the end of the workweek. New Years weekend will be very warm but is marred by some rain.

Another big slug of rain is here next Tuesday.

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Sunny spots are prone to having all their snow melted by now. But if your place is anything like mine, there’s still a solid inch of icy snow in shaded areas.

Much of that may not melt until Friday, despite warmer temps. You still may want to salt stairs and sidewalks as temps plummet quickly after dusk. While many are in the middle 30s, we’re still looking chilly over the snowpack. Some black ice is possible Thursday morning.

For many of you, this is a shortened week because of both holidays. For me, Thursday is the absolute pick of the week. It will be noticeably warmer and there’s less snow on the streets. We’ll make a run at the middle 50s and are totally dry. There may be some very spotty fog in the morning.

Friday gets us closer to the upper 50s, even 60 degrees in the south end of the Valley. Clouds behind to roll in later in the afternoon. By the late night, some isolated rain showers start.


Saturday is all about the rain. Still looks like showers will be off and on for most of the day. They may even impact the Vols game in South Florida even though it’s from a slightly different system. Back at home we are in the lower 60s for a brief time.

Sunday starts with a tiny hint of rain dark and early. We’re still really mild for now January standards. And Happy New Year!!!

Monday is a terrific looking forecast. All the snow is officially melted and we’re in the lower 60s. Even our coldest spots like Crossville and Harlan have a chance at 60.

Heavier rain showers stroll in on Tuesday. East Tennessee is one of two bullseyes in America for overall rain in the next week.

Forecast From WVLT
Forecast From WVLT(WVLT)

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