Leetdesk Pro Review: The best adjustable gaming desk

In addition to gaming chairs and RGB lamps, special gaming tables belong in every gaming room. The reason: These tables are specially designed for players. They trump with ergonomic properties, offer enough space and usually have a lot of accessories. In the large gaming table test, COMPUTER BILD tested six models, the German manufacturer Leetdesk was able to assert itself with the Leetdesk Pro. Why? Find out right now!

Leetdesk Pro in the test: The structure

A top preparation is important. It’s worth studying the assembly instructions before you get down to work – even if the booklet with a lot of text quickly gets boring. A mistake can mean that you have to dismantle the table again. And that can take time. After all, the table top of the Leetdesk Pro is one unit. This shortens the assembly and the table is more stable. The tester from COMPUTER BILD needed about 100 minutes with the tool provided. Once the assembly is complete, the table shines in all its glory.

Leetdesk Pro review

The construction went relatively quickly. Good: The screws and the materials used are all of high quality.

Ergonomic bulge and plenty of space

The table is just huge. With its 160×80 centimeters, there is space for three monitors without it getting cramped for the mouse and keyboard. And that despite the ergonomic bulge located at the sitting position, which shrinks the depth to 73 centimeters. Many gaming tables have a recess on the front edge of the table that allows the gamer to go “deeper” and better support their arms while playing. While Leetdesk mills a square cut-out into the plate on the Pro model, the cut-out on the Arozzi is semicircular.
Leetdesk Pro review

The table is a little wobbly when fully extended.

A table for everyone

Desks with an electric motor like the Leetdesk are easily adjustable. These models are more expensive, but the investment can be worth it. Because they can be individually adjusted to the centimeter and thus support a more ergonomic posture. Practical for the home office: the table can also be raised so that you can work while standing. And the Leetdesk is even programmable: After a short push of a button, the gaming table moves up or down to a previously set height within around 20 seconds. Small but: From about 100 centimeters high, the table becomes a bit wobbly.

Leetdesk Pro review

The control unit has three free memory locations for the height of the table.

Accesories? Yes but …

The Leetdesk Pro has a lot to offer. You can book a monitor mount (EUR 45), a PC cage (EUR 55), a wireless charging station (EUR 50) and a metal cable guide (EUR 50). COMPUTER BILD ordered a test version with a monitor mount and cable routing. And it was really worth it. The monitor sits very well and is stable, while all PC cables and sockets can be easily hidden. The gadgets are not cheap, but they are definitely worth their price. Too bad: There are no cup or headset holders, but they would be desirable.

Cleaning: nothing easier than that

And what about cleaning? A drink can fall over while gambling. It’s good if the table can be easily cleaned after such a mishap. Tables with a hard surface like the Leetdesk are easy-care types: they can be easily cleaned with a rag and cause no problems.

Leetdesk Pro after six months

Gaming tables have to be durable and stable, after all nobody wants to rebuild their setup after a short time because the gaming table is gone. The good news: Even after six months, the electrical adjustment works perfectly. The table top does not discolour, and there are no scratches either (despite regular cleaning). Anyone who invests in this table will enjoy it for a long time.

  • Lots of space
  • Very good cable management

Leetdesk Pro in the test: conclusion

If you not only play at home, but also work at home, you should buy a table with a motor. Like the test winner Leetdesk Pro, which is almost perfect, but also really expensive at just under 800 euros. In return, the gambler gets a high-quality, ergonomic and stable table where almost everything fits perfectly.

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