Memory stick: 128 GB Kingston stick at NBB for 17 euros

With a mobile memory stick, you always have documents and files to hand in your pocket or simply transfer data from PC to PC. Notebooksbilliger ( currently has a cheap offer up its sleeve. The Kingston DataTraveler Kyson 128 GB is currently available for 12.99 euros plus EUR 3.99 shipping costs. Compared to other Internet providers, the NBB offer is a best price that should not be missed (all information as of October 24, 2022).

Kingston DataTraveler Kyson at NBB

The Kingston DataTraveler Kyson can hold 128 GB of documents, videos or photos. The external data storage device is connected to the PC or notebook via USB Type-A 3.0. The interface is backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports. According to the manufacturer, the read speed is 200 megabytes per second (MB/s) and the write speed is 60 MB/s. According to Kingston, the stick is suitable for permanent use. The plug comes without a sealing cap, but with an eyelet for easy attachment to a bunch of keys.

  • 128 GB USB stick
  • Read Speed: 200MB/s; Write rate: 60 MB/s (manufacturer information)
  • best price: You save on average compared to the competition 2 euros

USB stick: Kingston DataTraveler Kyson 128GB at

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