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For the first time ever, Florida Tech won the Sunshine State Conference tournament championship against Barry University.

Panthers came out with a bang as they scored a goal in the first four minutes of gameplay, made by Hugo Catherine. This quieted the Barry crowd quickly as the Panthers continued fighting. 

The SSC Defensive Player of the Year, Luis Tovar Romero, played an incredible match as he continuously stopped Barry. The Bucs attempted to score in the 31st minute of the game, but Romero was to prevent Barry from being on the board. This allowed Tech to lead the game 1-0. 

In the first few minutes of the second half, Tech was awarded with a penalty kick, made by Soeren Nygaard. The 2-0 lead did not last long for the Panthers, as six minutes later Iker Berruezo of Barry made a shot at the net past Romero, putting the Buccaneers on the board. 

The fight continued as Florida Tech tried to maintain their lead, and with another goal by Nygaard, assisted by Jack Edwards,  they were able to keep their energy high. With two minutes remaining in the game, Tech led the match 3-1 but was not done yet. Julen Lafuente was able to score another Panther goal, making Florida Tech the SSC Tournament Champions.

Goal Keeper Luis Tovar Romero and Sjur Drechsler taking in their win. 


The 2022 Florida Tech men’s soccer team was able to earn their first ever Sunshine State Conference tournament trophy, which they were going to bring back home to Melbourne. The Panthers proved their worth on the pitch, as this was their first time beating Barry since September 2019. 

This game brought Tech the most goals scored this season, and awarding Jack Edwards as the Most Valuable Player in the SSC Tournament. The Panthers spirits are high as well as their momentum as they enter the NCAA tournament. 

The first three games of the tournament will be hosted at Florida Tech’s home advantage, so more information will be announced shortly. 


Jack Edwards, MVP of SSC Tournament, celebrating his goal. 



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