Merry Christmas, The End is Near! We’ve Got Actual Snow in Miami For Packers-Dolphins | will it snow in florida

I had to quadruple check the video above was actually real and didn’t have any CGI tomfoolery afoot. Like there’s no fucking way, right?  Turns out it is actually snowing a little bit on Christmas in Miami for Packers-Dolphins. Incredible. 

Practically the whole country has frozen their ass off this weekend with sub zero temps all over the damn place, but you’d think the one place that would be immune to that would be been Miami, Florida. Nope, the Packers took the cold with them. God confirmed Packers fan. 

I have a buddy who went down to Boca to escape the cold this week. He thought he was so smart and ahead of the curve. He has nothing but sadness and I can’t stop laughing. Does this kind of weather require a state of emergency? Can’t be anyone in Florida who has heat in their building right? 

Anyways, somehow some way things are coming into place for the Packers’ miracle playoff hopes. By far the hardest part of their scenario to happen is winning out. In Miami today then home for Minnesota and Detroit. Not easy in the slightest when you factor in they aren’t a good team to begin with. Well, snow in Miami has to be advantage Packers. Who the hell knows? This team does nothing but confuse me, so playing with some snow in Florida today makes perfect sense I guess. I’m not getting my hopes up, but the path is right there in front of them. 

Merry Christmas everyone, let’s have a day. 

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