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Hello Monroe!

I should have been writing this column this afternoon for timely submission. Instead, I was lying in the yard making snow angels and catching snowflakes on my tongue with my 3-year-old son. The flakes started falling so big and heavy that even Oliver noticed them out the window. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him beeline it for the mudroom so quickly to get his snow gear on and head outside. It was a wonderful winter afternoon seeing the magic of the snowfall through his eyes.

Local field trip

Monroe Elementary School teacher Rachel Norgang took her grades 2 and 3 class on a recent field trip to visit two local businesses, Seek-No-Further Farmstead and Forest Hart, Bronze Artist. Mrs. Norgang said, “These students could have spent all day at either place, they were so curious and enthusiastic!”

Monroe Elementary students enjoying the goats at Seek-No-Further farmstead. Courtesy of Rachel Norgang


Worth celebrating

Congratulations to father-daughter duo Nick and Trinity Tripp of Monroe for completing their first full marathon together in Florida! The two ran 26.2 miles in humid Florida weather; the average temperature during the race was 76 degrees, but it hit 93 at one point.

Some 16,000 runners entered, with a little over 12,000 finishing. Just days before the big marathon, Nick’s wife and Trinity’s mom, Sophia, joined and the three completed a 5k together as a family. Way to start the new year strong, Tripps!

Trinity and Nick Tripp of Monroe running in a 26.2 mile marathon in Florida. Courtesy of Sophia Tripp


Dog licensing 101

Barbara Moody at the Monroe Town Hall would like everyone to be clear about standard state dog licensing procedure. You should have registered your pup(s) sometime between Oct. 15 and Dec. 31, 2022, and would have paid $6 per spayed/neutered canine, and $11 per dog if they are not fixed. If you still haven’t registered your dog(s) (like me!), we’re lucky and have a grace period until Jan. 31 to do so, with no late fee.

Put off registering until Feb. 1 or later, not only will you pay the $6 or $11 per dog fee, you’ll pay an additional $25 late fee, per dog! So $6 on-time licensing turns into $31 and $11 on-time licensing turns into $36, for one dog. We have four dogs. I’m awful about pushing deadlines and extensions, hence why I haven’t taken care of this yet, but you can bet I only plan to pay $34 and not $134. I’ll be in soon, Barbara!

Additionally, your dog needs to have proof of current rabies vaccination on file. If your animal needs a rabies booster, there is a clinic for dogs and cats taking place Jan. 25 at the Troy Town Office from 5 to 7 p.m. Cost is $10 per animal. Conveniently, a town clerk will be there to register your dog. Not sure if you need an updated rabies shot for your dog? Call your local town office and ask.

Play in the snow, register your dogs and have a great week!

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