Noem Chum Siegel Promotes Drag Shows – Dakota Free Press | will it snow in florida

Drag shows are the latest “pool halls” for the conservative con men.

“Ya got trouble
Right here in River City
With a capital T
And the rhymes with D
And that stands for Drag.”

The Music Man is a great musical about how easily people can be conned. Just manufacture a suitable societal ill or bogeyman, hype it to the max to frighten a gullible public, and propose to fix it while collecting money from the scared rubes. Drag seems to be a money maker for the Republican illiterati. Harold Hill, though, is subject to the one great problem for all con men, who need a fast escape. Love. I’m sure Noem and Knoemnothings are immune to that problem. If the money runs out, they’ll find another con.

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