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Port Orange —

Today, Senator Tom Wright and Representative Tommy Gregory, as co-chairs of the Florida Legislature’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Caucus, are announcing the opening of the Annual Commemorative Challenge Coin Design Competition sponsored by the Florida Legislature Manufacturing and Supply Chain Caucus.


“Manufacturers across the state are major employers for our families, incredible community partners, and play a significant role in driving our economy,’ said Senator Tom Wright. “We are proud to encourage young creators and innovators through this competition.”


“This competition helps to inform young people of the importance of manufacturing to a stable economy and to reveal the many high paying career opportunities available to them in the manufacturing industry,” added Representative Tommy Gregory.


The Design Competition is open to students of any age (K-12 and/or post-secondary). The activity will be supported by the 14 Regional Manufacturers Associations (RMAs) across the state by managing the selection process at the regional level. Each regional design winner will have their submittal reviewed by the Caucus members and a winner will be selected to commemorate the 2023 Legislative Session. This is the second year of the Commemorative Challenge Coin and this design competition. For guidelines and submission instructions for students to enter a design, click here.


Kevin Carr, CEO FloridaMakes, feels strongly about making young people aware of the manufacturing process and making things.  “Getting Florida students involved in the design of this commemorative coin,” Mr. Carr says, “is a great way to demonstrate to students that manufacturing touches all areas of our daily life.”


The Florida Manufacturing and Supply Chain Caucus

It is the mission of the Caucus to enable our members to collectively ensure that Florida’s manufacturers are properly represented in the Legislature. The Caucus strives to promote and broaden awareness of the societal, educational and economic benefits made possible by Florida manufacturing and its attendant supply chain; to illustrate the breadth of policy issues and public and private interests impacted by Florida manufacturing; to serve as an ongoing information resource for members of the Legislature and their staff; to exchange ideas and information with manufacturers, state and federal agencies, universities and research institutions, professional and institutional societies and organizations, and the Executive Office of the Governor.


The members of the Caucus include:

Senator Tom Wright (Co-chair)

Representative Tommy Gregory (Co-Chair)

Senator Audrey Gibson 

Senator Debbie Mayfield 

Senator Keith Perry 

Senator Victor Torres 

Representative Thad Altman 

Representative Robin Bartleman 

Representative Jason Fischer 

Representative Andrew Learned  

Representative Stan McClain 

Representative David Smith 

Representative Cyndi Stevenson 

Representative Allison Tant 

Representative Geraldine Thompson 

Representative Clay Yarborough 

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