Razer Enki: Brand new gaming chair in review

Razer is one of the best-known brands in the gaming world: mice, keyboards and notebooks are the company’s core business, but you can also get gaming chairs from the manufacturer with the distinctive green logo. In addition to the already tested Razer Iskur (test rating: “good”), the Razer Enki Pro (test rating: “good”), it’s now time for the Razer Enki.

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Razer Enki after unboxing: how is the build?

The elements of the Enki chair look really well organized when unpacked, small parts are found separately in a box, all large ones are protected against transport accidents with protective elements made of cardboard and foam. The armrests are already attached to the seat, but can be removed. Thanks to multiple holes in the seat, gamers decide whether they want to sit wider or narrower. The screws for this are in the chair, like most others. They look high quality, are heavy and shiny: not a standard in the gaming chair industry.

Razer Enki review

The armrests can be screwed on tighter or wider.

To assemble: First of all, the backrest has to be connected to the seat, which is quite easy to do thanks to the tool provided. This is not a classic screwdriver, this one has a wide handle. This makes it easy to screw the screws in and out. Then you screw the mechanism to the underside of the seat. With the aluminum base, the owner only has to slide the castors into the appropriate openings. The same applies to the connecting element (gas spring) between the seat and the base. The Enki is already ready for use. If you want, you can mount a memory foam pillow on the upper part of the backrest. The assembly is almost intuitive, if you still need help, look at the laminated assembly poster.

Razer Enki review

That’s the way it should be: Razer thought along with the tools.

Is the Razer Enki a good gaming chair?

Any gaming chair, no matter how good, only caters to a certain range of body types. This is because everyone is built differently. Therefore, you should choose a chair that fits your anatomy. The following points, among others, are crucial:

  • Seating comfort: How comfortable is the chair? Is the cushion soft or hard? What about the ergonomics and how well can the chair be adjusted to personal needs?
  • Service: Is the chair easy to use? How many settings does it have?
  • Quality: How valuable is the chair? Is everything stable or do certain parts wobble? How is the processing?

Backrest, seat depth and height play a major role. The measured minimum seat height of the Enki is quite high at 47 centimeters, taller people increase it to 57 centimeters. So every gamer with a height between 1.70 and 1.90 meters will find the perfect seat height. The mechanism allows rocking, but you can also lock the chair if necessary. The seat is curved slightly upwards at the front and rear end, so that players sit in a hollow and do not slip when gambling. The seat and backrest provide additional support with side wings, similar to sports seats in a car. The seat depth is still okay at 49 centimeters – 50 or more centimeters would be better.

Razer Enki review

The Razer Enki can be adjusted using two levers – the left one is responsible for the rocking mechanism, the right one (not shown) for the seat height.

Lordosis pillow? No thank you!

Humans have two natural curves in the cervical and lumbar spine, which experts call the lordosis. Gaming chairs should fill out these curves to relieve the muscles and prevent tension. When it comes to the lordosis, Razer doesn’t do things by halves: A bulge on the backrest serves as lumbar support, and there is no back cushion as with other manufacturers. However, it cannot be adjusted, which can be a problem for gamers who are too tall or too short. The advantage: the curvature cannot be adjusted incorrectly and thus always remains ergonomic – at least in theory. It worked for the 1.83 meter tall tester, the curvature was right and he sat in a healthy position throughout. The backrest is adjustable, but not tiltable by 90 degrees. You can still lie down quite comfortably, but not completely flat. The supplied pillow can be used, but you don’t necessarily need it.

Razer Enki review

The curvature on the backrest serves as lumbar support, while the curvature in the seat is intended to ensure the correct position.

High quality and adjustable 4D armrests

In order to adapt to the dimensions of the gambler and the gaming table, armrests have to be variable. What’s great is that the Razer Enki’s “4D armrests” can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, inwards, outwards, forwards and backwards and can even be rotated by around 45 degrees. As if that weren’t enough, you can even screw on the backrests in a variety of ways, as mentioned at the beginning. A blessing for broader gamers. The workmanship is very good, the material of the lightly padded armrest feels pleasant. The buttons are also mostly metallic, which gives the armrests more value.

Razer Enki review

The 4D armrests look valuable and can be easily adapted to your own needs.

How cozy is the Razer Enki?

So much for ergonomics, but how comfortable is the Enki? It feels rather firm, but always remains comfortable. Razer uses a special foam for the backrest and seat that easily adapts to the player. The material is high-quality and the seat is permeable to air, so gamers don’t sweat even during long sessions. The rest of the chair is equipped with imitation leather and looks quite valuable. Back pain did not develop during the two-week test period. Not even after eight hours of work in front of the computer.

Razer Enki in the test: the conclusion

The chair comes neatly packaged and is easy to assemble. In terms of ergonomics, the Enki is okay: the seat height and width are right, it can be easily adjusted, and this also applies to the armrests. Only the fixed lumbar support on the lower back may bother gamers who are too tall or short. The Enki is quite comfortable, but at the same time firm, which feels healthy. Overall, the chair looks amazingly high quality. Sounds expensive don’t you think? The Enki is available for 360 euros – not a high price for the gamer throne.

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