Saturday Snowdown could shape outcome of Week 15 NFL Tripleheader | will it snow in florida

If Cleveland gets a bout of snow this afternoon, then every NFL game in the Week 15 Saturday Tripleheader will be drastically shaped by snowfall. 

Part of NFL strategy lies in stadium design, as the teams who opt for outdoor stadiums get certain benefits during the season.

The Miami Dolphins make the New England Patriots sweat when they endure the sweltering Florida sun, and by contrast, the Dolphins aren’t used to practicing in the cold.

What makes Josh Allen’s Super Bowl-bound Buffalo Bills even more formidable is that they can stand a little snow, which is good news — since upstate New York is getting plenty of powder this weekend.

Football weather indeed, it seems, because another key NFL destination in Week 15 is getting inches of frozen precipitation as well.

Fortunately for the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts, two teams with the privilege of playing in indoor home stadiums, there won’t be any snow shaping the outcome of the Vikings-Colts game.

With each of these games having significant playoff implications, the inclement weather (or lack thereof) could give some teams a winning advantage. The question is, will weather shape the outcome of a potential AFC North “snowdown” between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens? Considering that FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland is an outdoor stadium, it’s entirely possible.

What’s the forecast for Cleveland Browns versus Baltimore Ravens in Week 15?

According to The Weather Channel, it is possible that the Browns could host the Ravens in a little snow, but the chances are unlikely.

Four hours ahead of kickoff, the temperature is listed at 35 degrees Fahrenheit with the following description:

“Cloudy skies with a few snow showers this afternoon. Temps nearly steady in the mid 30s. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 30%.”

At night, the temperature drops to 28 degrees, and “a few flurries or snow showers possible.”


Whether or not it snows in Cleveland, what is certain is that the Ohio skies are heavy with swirling clouds, frozen precipitation or not. There will be freezing cold rain, and 10 to 20 mph winds will certainly affect the kicking and passing game.

While Kirk Cousins will air out his aerial attack regardless, it seems the northern outdoor venues will have to rely on the ground game for likely low-scoring affairs. The Bills learned from the Patriots’ strategy last year, and facing the Dolphins, the Bills could use the tundra-like conditions to wield a major advantage.

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