South Florida’s big chill was unwelcome surprise to some recent tourists | will it snow in florida

South Florida tourists bundle up amid chilly weather

South Florida tourists bundle up amid chilly weather


MIAMI BEACH — While it did not snow and the mercury stayed above the freezing mark, the recent bout of gray, dreary winter weather that chilled South Florida over the weekend came as an unwelcome surprise for some tourists visiting the region.

Many visitors who were expecting to wear bikinis to hit the beach were instead bundled up in blankets and jackets.  

“Today the weather, not so good but better than yesterday,” said Gabby Weller, who was visiting Miami from Germany. 

Ludo Butti arrived in Miami from Italy along with a dozen family members and brought along clothing appropriate for cold weather. But she said the only reason she did so was because she and her relatives made a stop first in New York. 

“We are praying for the sun to come,” said Butti while wearing a full winter ensemble. 

Although the tourist were forced to trade in their swimwear and floppy hats for coats and beanies, they still managed to make it to the sand. 

“We did bring our bathing suits,” said Sophie Nelson, who traveled to Miami from New York. “They have not gone on yet though.”

The tourists said they were counting their blessings by being in South Florida despite the cooly climate.

“The breeze is a little chilly but otherwise it’s a lot nicer than sitting in my pajamas in the cold at home,” Nelson said. “It’s really good. We are here and not in Germany. It’s much colder than here.”

The warm up in South Florida began Tuesday and temperatures are expected to be in the 80s this weekend, according to the NEXT weather team.

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