Spectacular: Apple’s VR glasses should be able to do everything

Rumors about virtual reality headsets and mixed reality glasses from Apple have been circulating for many years. While the latter are probably on hold for the time being, current speculation is that the manufacturer’s first VR helmet will open in spring 2023. According to the current state of knowledge, the device is called “Reality Pro” and costs an impressive 3,000 US dollars (approx. 2,760 euros). At such a price point, Apple has to deliver powerfully in order to assert itself in the already difficult market segment of VR headsets. If a current report (paywall) by Apple expert and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is true, the manufacturer does not disappoint in this regard.

In his latest remarks, the usually well-informed industry insider reveals the first details about the upcoming features of the VR glasses – and thus causes astonished faces. Apple’s gadget is supposed to do without a controller. Instead, control is done with the bare hands of the user. Various cameras and sensors that are attached to the outside of the headset should make this possible. In addition, there are cameras inside that analyze eye movements. For example, it should be possible to focus on a virtual object with your eyes and then activate it by simply pressing your fingers together. That sounds almost like science fiction given the controller controls of current top VR headsets – and it gets even better.

Realistic avatars for virtual meetings

According to Gurman, Apple focuses on interaction with other headset users. For example, users should be able to hold virtual conferences or meet for a private chat in the digital world. While other manufacturers still use comic-like avatars to hold such meetings, Apple’s headset should be able to digitize both the face and the entire body of the user one-to-one and project them into the virtual world. That would be a huge step forward, taking the vision of the metaverse and virtual interaction to a whole new level.

If Gurman’s statements are correct, users can switch between virtual and augmented reality by turning a digital crown. If desired, the headset can display the screen of a connected Mac computer in a virtual version so that it can still be operated via mouse and keyboard. Apple is also said to be working on showing films through VR glasses on a huge immersive screen. According to Gurman, users need AirPods to enjoy 3D sound via Spatial Audio.

Battery for your pocket

The headset’s battery should last for two hours and, according to Gurman, is as big as two iPhone 14 Pro Max stacked on top of each other. It is connected to the glasses with a cable and can be put in your trouser pocket. According to the report, because of the high price, Apple expects a maximum of one million headsets to be sold over the counter in the first year. A cheaper headset for 1,500 US dollars (approx. 1,380 euros) is already in the works and should follow in the next two years.

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