Watch: Snowy owl makes rare visit to Southern California | will it snow in florida

Dec. 29 (UPI) — Birdwatchers in southern California were treated to a rare spectacle when a snowy owl was spotted perching on the roof of an Orange County home.

The owl, which is native to the Arctic, was seen Wednesday on the roof of a home near Orangewood Avenue and Holder Street in Cypress.

Snowy owls migrate south for the winter, but generally do not go further than Alaska and Canada. The birds have been seen on rare occasions in central California, Texas and Florida, the American Bird Conservancy said.

Some birdwatchers theorized the owl may have hitched a ride on a ship that docked in San Pedro during recent months.

Cypress city officials said they are aware of the bird’s presence but do not currently have any plans to capture or relocate it.

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